Diagnostic Independent Study List

Speech-Language Pathology

Last Updated: April 2021


Below is a list of tests owned by Callier Library that appear on the Diagnostic Independent Study List.

  • Click on the title of the test to see the library record that includes call number and a brief description of the test (including, when known, the appropriate age ranges and the administration time).
  • UT Dallas students and faculty may borrow up to 3 tests at a time, for a period of 7 days. Scoring forms are available in the library for purchase.
  • Download the printable version pdf logo of this list


The number in parentheses indicates how many tests from that category must be administered.

Tests administered in practicums that are not listed on the study list can be used. There are two (2) blank lines under each section allotted for credit.

To check out tests, please request by test number (i.e. TST XXX)


TST 012 Contextual Probes of Articulation Competence – Spanish (CPAC-S)
TST 023 Screening Test for Developmental Apraxia of Speech (STDAS-2)
TST 025 Apraxia Battery for Adults (ABA-2)
TST 037 Structured Photographic Articulation Test – II featuring Dudsberry (SPAT-D 2)
TST 038 Assessment of Intelligibility of Dysarthric Speech
TST 041 Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation (GFTA-3)
  [Also available for credit through Simucase]
TST 045 LinguiSystems Articulation Test (LAT)
TST 045-N LinguiSystems Articulation Test Normative Update (LAT-NU)
TST 058 Early Speech Perception (ESP)
TST 063 Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation-Spanish (GFTA-3 Spanish)
TST 064 Overall Assessment of the Speaker’s Experience of Stuttering : Technical-Scoring Manual (OASES)
TST 079 Fisher-Logemann Test of Articulation Competence
TST 084 Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment (FDA-2)
TST 167 Word Intelligibility by Picture Identification – Revised (WIPI-R)
TST 355 Photo Articulation Test (PAT 3)
TST 377 Dysarthria Examination Battery
TST 401 Arizona Articulation and Phonology (ARIZONA-4)
TST 413 Clinical Assessment of Articulation and Phonology (CAAP-2)
TST 508 Riley Articulation and Language Test, Revised (RALT)
TST 518 Stuttering Severity Instrument (SSI – 4)
TST 545 Stuttering Prediction Instrument for Young Children (SPI)
TST 416 Marshalla Oral Sensorimotor Test (MOST)
TST 529 Dworkin-Culatta Oral Mechanism Examination and Treatment System (D-COME-T)
TST 549 Swallowing Ability and Function Evaluation (SAFE)
TST 004 Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS 3)
TST 336 Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Early Development (IED)
TST 399 Birth-to-Three Assessment and Intervention System (BTAIS 2)
TST 411 Mullen Scales of Early Learning (AGS Edition)
TST 423 Social Language Development Test – Adolescent
TST 423-N Social Language Development Test-Adolescent Normative Update (SLDT-A: NU)
TST 502 Functional Communication Profile : Assessing Communicative Effectiveness in Clients with Developmental Delays, Revised
TST 507 Callier-Azusa Scale
TST 519 Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS 2)
TST 521 Rossetti Infant-Toddler Language Scale : A Measure of Communication and Interaction
TST 546 Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale (ASDS)
TST 002 Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA)
TST 052 Ages & Stages Questionnaires : Social-Emotional : A Parent-Completed Child Monitoring System for Social-Emotional Behaviors (ASQ:SE-2)
TST 053 Ages & Stages Questionnaires : A Parent-Completed Child Monitoring System (ASQ-3)
TST 371 Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS)
TST 520 MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories, 2nd Edition (MacArthur-Bates CDI)
TST 524 Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test (REEL-3)
TST 543 Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function – Preschool Edition(BRIEF-P)
TST 003 Test of Auditory Processing Skills 4th Edition (TAPS-4)
TST 005 Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals – Preschool 2 (CELF-P2)
TST 008 Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts (WABC)
TST 011 Test de Vocabulario en Imágenes Peabody : Adaptación Hispanoamericana (TVIP) / Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test : Hispanic-American Adaptation (PPVT SPANISH)
TST 014 Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF 5)
  [Also available for credit through Simucase]
TST 018 Bilingual English-Spanish Assessment Manual (BESA)
TST 019-N Social Language Development Test-Elementary: Normative Update (SLDT-E: NU)
TST 027 Preschool Language Scales (PLS-5)[English only]
TST 032 Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language (TACL-4)
TST 033 Test of Adolescent / Adult Word Finding (TAWF-2)
TST 034 Listening Comprehension Test-Adolescent: Normative Update (LCT-A: NU)
TST 042 Test of Word Finding (TWF-3)
TST 043 Test of Early Written Language (TEWL-3)
TST 046 Preschool Language Scales (PLS-5) [Spanish Only]
TST 051 The Word Test 3 Elementary
TST 055 Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF 2)
TST 057 Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts – Spanish (WABC-S)
TST 062 Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills (TILLS)
TST 065 Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals – Preschool 3 (CELF-P3)
TST 067 Auditory Skills Assessment (ASA)
TST 068 Oral Passage Understanding Scale (OPUS)
  [Also available for credit through Simucase]
TST 069 Expressive Language Test Normative Update (ELT-2:NU)
TST 326 Test of Pragmatic Language (TOPL-2)
TST 356 Test of Language Development, Primary: 5th Edition (TOLD P:5)
TST 357 Test of Language Development, Intermediate: 5th Edition (TOLD I:5)
TST 358 Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test 5th Edition (PPVT-5)
TST 362 Expressive Vocabulary Test 3rd Edition (EVT-3)
  [Also available for credit through Simucase]
TST 364 Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS II) [Two volumes in separate bags]
  [Also available for credit through Simucase]
TST 379 Carolina Picture Vocabulary Test for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children (CPVT)
TST 380 Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test (ROWPVT-4)
TST 381 Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test (ROWPVT-4: SBE) Spanish-Bilingual Edition
TST 383 Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test (EOWPVT-4)
TST 384 Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test (EOWPVT-4: SBE) Spanish-Bilingual Edition
TST 391 Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language (CASL-2)
  [Also available for credit through Simucase]
TST 403 Test of Early Language Development (TELD-4)
TST 410 Emerging Literacy & Language Assessment (ELLA)
TST 412 Test of Semantic Skills – Intermediate (TOSS-I)
TST 412-N Test of Semantic Skills, Intermediate: Normative Update (TOSS-I: NU)
TST 414 Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition (MAVA)
TST 415 Social Emotional Evaluation (SEE)
TST 429 Test of Semantic Skills – Primary (TOSS-P)
TST 500 Children’s Auditory Performance Scale (CHAPS)
TST 505 SCAN-3 for Adolescents and Adults : Tests for Auditory Processing Disorders (SCAN-3:A)
TST 514 Preschool Language Assessment Instrument (PLAI-2)
TST 525 Test of Adolescent and Adult Language : Assessing Important Aspects of Spoken and Written Language (TOAL 4)
TST 526 Reynell Developmental Language Scales (RDLS)
TST 527 Language Processing Test : Elementary (LPT 3)
TST 533 Test for Examining Expressive Morphology (TEEM)
TST 536 Test of Written Language (TOWL 4)
TST 538 The Word Test 2 : Adolescent
TST 541 Test of Narrative Language (TNL-2)
TST 550 Children’s Communication Checklist, Second Edition (CCC-2)
TST 417 Conversation Analysis Profile for People with Cognitive Impairment (CAPPCI)
N/A Systematic Analysis of Language Transcription (SALT)
  [This assessment is available electronically through Callier TS2 only]
  [Contact your clinical advisor]
TST 007 Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP-2)
TST 010 Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns (HAPP-3)
TST 013 Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis (KLPA 3)
TST 016 Test of Phonological Awareness – Spanish (TPAS) / Prueba de Conciencia Fonológica en Español
TST 066 Bankson-Bernthal Test of Phonology (BBTOP-2)
TST 509 Phonological Process Analysis (PPA)
TST 513 Natural Process Analysis (NPA)
N/A Phonological and Print Awareness Scale (PPA SCALE)
  [Available for credit through Simucase only]
TST 022 Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, Fifth Edition: Screening Test (CELF–5 Screening Test)
TST 029 Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test (CREVT-3)
TST 047 Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development : Screening Test (Bayley-3)
TST 049 Test of Everyday Attention for Children (TEA-Ch)
TST 056 Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI-2)
TST 144 Structured Photographic Expressive Language Test (SPELT-3)
TST 145 LittlEars Auditory Questionnaire
TST 327 Bankson Expressive Language Test (BELT-3)
TST 335 Denver Developmental Screening Test II (DDST-II)
TST 408 Fluharty Preschool Speech and Language Screening Test (Fluharty-2)
TST 420 Differential Screening Test for Processing (DSTP)
TST 514 Preschool Language Assessment Instrument (PLAI 2)
TST 517 Wepman’s Auditory Discrimination Test, 2nd Edition (ADT)
TST 523 Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales 3rd Edition (Vineland-3)
TST 539 Oral Language Sentence Imitation Screening Test, Oral Language Sentence Imitation Diagnostic Inventory (OLSIST/OLSIDI)
TST 006 Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST-64)
TST 035 Slosson Intelligence Test 4th Edition (SIT-4)
TST 044 Test of Problem Solving 2 – Adolescent (TOPS-2: Adolescent)
TST 331 Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude – Primary (DTLA-P 3)
TST 344-N Test of Problem Solving, 3rd Edition Elementary: Normative Update (TOPS-3E: NU
TST 369 Detroit Tests of Learning Abilities-Fifth Edition (DTLA-5)
TST 407 Boehm Test of Basic Concepts
TST 409 Boehm Test of Basic Concepts (Boehm 3 Preschool)
TST 419 Test of Preschool Early Literacy, 3rd Edition (TOPEL)
TST 426 Bracken Basic Concept Scale Receptive (BBCS-3:R)
TST 427 Bracken Basic Concept Scale Expressive, 3rd Edition (BBCS-E)
TST 001 Test of Early Reading Ability 4 (TERA 4)
TST 026 Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT 5)
TST 036 Slosson Oral Reading Test (SORT-R3)
TST 366 Test of Early Reading Ability : Special Edition for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (TERA-D/HH)
TST 511 Test of Reading Comprehension (TORC-4)
TST 552 Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency (TOSWRF-2)
8. APHASIA (3)
TST 021 Conversation Analysis Profile for People with Aphasia (CAPPA)
TST 028 Aphasia Diagnostic Profiles (ADP)
TST 039 Psycholinguistic Assessments of Language Processing in Aphasia (PALPA)
TST 040 Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination, 3rd Edition (BDAE)
TST 040 Boston Naming Test, 2nd Edition (BNT) [Included in the BDAE kit]
TST 054 Boston Assessment of Severe Aphasia (BASA)
TST 168 Western Aphasia Battery (WAB-R)
  [Also available for credit through Simucase]
TST 359 Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia (RCBA-2)
TST 400 Communication Activities of Daily Living (CADL-3)
TST 534 Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test (FAST-3)
TST 009 Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test-Plus (CLQT+)
  [Also available for credit through Simucase]
TST 015 Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory (FLCI)
TST 017 Burns Brief Inventory of Communication and Cognition
TST 020 Mini Inventory of Right Brain Injury (MIRBI-2)
TST 024 Ross Information Processing Assessment – Geriatric (RIPA-G:2)
TST 030
TST 031 Scales of Cognitive and Communicative Ability for Neurorehabilitation (SCCAN)
TST 048 RBANS Update : Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS)
TST 050 Test of Everyday Attention (TEA)
TST 059 Functional Assessment of Verbal Reasoning and Executive Strategies. Student Version : S-FAVRES
TST 060 Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS)
TST 061 Test of Memory and Learning (TOMAL-2)
TST 072 Arizona Battery for Communication Disorders of Dementia (ABCD)
TST 313 Brief Test of Head Injury (BTHI)
TST 314 Scales of Cognitive Ability for Traumatic Brain Injury (SCATBI)
TST 368 Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI-4)
TST 402 Ross Information Processing Assessment – Primary (RIPA-P)
TST 422 Behavioural Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome (BADS)
TST 425 Quick Test of Cognitive Speed (AQT)
TST 428 Functional Assessment of Verbal Reasoning and Executive Strategies, Adult Version (FAVRES)
TST 512 Ross Information Processing Assessment (RIPA-2)
TST 532 RIC Evaluation of Communication Problems in Right Hemisphere Dysfunction (RICE-R)
TST 540 Work Personality Profile (WPP)
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