Staff Directory

Name Department Email Phone

Ellen Safley
Dean of Libraries

[email protected] 972-883-2916

Davin Pate
Assistant Director for Scholarly Communications and Collections, Senior Librarian

[email protected] 972-883-2908

Debbie Montgomery
Associate Library Director for Technical Services and Assessment

[email protected] 972-883-2963

Jean Vik
Associate Library Director for Systems

[email protected] 972-883-2623

DeAnn Hegi
Library Financial Officer

[email protected] 972-883-2968

Susan Fisher
Cashier, Administrative Assistant II

[email protected] 972-883-2960

Travis Goode
Interlibrary Loan, Senior Librarian

[email protected] 972-883-2900

Carina Corsiga
Assistant Head of Access Services, Library Assistant IV

[email protected] 972-883-2958

Carly Mitchell
Head of Stacks Maintenance, Library Assistant IV

[email protected] 972-883-2956

Sheila Blankenship
Interlibrary Loan, Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2871

Kelyn Carcamo
Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2953

Zeeshawn Habib
Extended Hours Supervisor, Library Assistant IV

[email protected] 972-883-4887

Rachel Lara
Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2953

Stephanie Akers
Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2953

Nancy Xiong
Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2953

Slavko Ravlija
Multimedia, Library Assistant IV

[email protected] 972-883-2866

Megan Del Mar
Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2953

Patrizia Nava
Curator of the Aviation Archives

[email protected] 972-883-2577

Thomas Allen
University Archivist

[email protected] 972-883-2573

Madeline Hoff
Curator of the Belsterling and Rare Books Collections

[email protected] 972-883-2802

Rachel Clark
Special Collections Metadata Librarian

[email protected] 972-883-3945

Cassandra Zawojek
Curator of the Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library

[email protected] 972-883-3855

Mingyu Chen
Head of Metadata Services, Senior Librarian

[email protected] 972-883-3534

Misu Kim
Assistant Head of Metadata Services, Senior Librarian

[email protected] 972-883-2563

Marna Morland
Special Formats Metadata Senior Librarian

[email protected] 972-883-2636

Ally Greenfield
Metadata Librarian

[email protected]

Una Scott
Copy Cataloger, Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2639

Emlyn Cong
Copy Cataloger, Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2657

Anna Rockey
Copy Cataloger, Library Assistant III

[email protected]

Brooke Johnson
Course Reserves Coordinator

[email protected] 972-883-2587

Linda Dephillips
Statistical Analyst Librarian

[email protected] 972-883-2933

Merry Trujillo
Electronic Resources Coordinator, Library Assistant IV

[email protected] 972-883-2996

Jady Williamson
Lead Ordering Specialist, Library Assistant IV

[email protected] 972-883-2673

Allison Osborn
Gifts Processor, Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-4563

Matt Makowka
Senior Librarian, Liaison for Engineering and School of Arts & Technology

[email protected] 972-883-6773

Alexander Rodriguez
Senior Librarian, Liaison to Art, Music, Film & Education, and School of Interdisciplinary Studies

[email protected] 972-883-2999

Matt Young
Librarian, Liaison to the Callier Center for Communication Disorders and Liaison to the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

, [email protected] 972-883-2627

Jocelyn Chebbour
Callier Center for Communication Disorders Library Supervisor, Library Assistant IV

[email protected] 214-905-3165

Chris Milazzo
Library Systems Support Manager

[email protected] 972-883-4957

Jesse Davis
Library Systems Support Specialist III

[email protected] 972-883-4911

Marcos Ortega
Library Systems Support Specialist II

[email protected] 972-883-4902

Loreen Henry
Head of Information Literacy Services, Senior Librarian, Liaison to the School of Management

[email protected] 972-883-2126

Chris Edwards
Assistant Head of Information Literacy, Liaison to the School of Management

[email protected] 972-883-2614

Katie Robinson
Instruction Librarian, Liaison to the School of Natural Sciences

[email protected] 972-883-2613

Ryan Slattery
Instruction Librarian

[email protected] 972-883-2629

Cory Cornett
Electronic Resources Assistant, Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2535

Carion Jackson
Library Web Services Manager

[email protected] 972-883-2923

Course Reserves Requests
Course Reserves Requests

[email protected] 972-883-2587

Mercy Wenger
Library Assistant III

[email protected] 972-883-2953