TexShare Card Program

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The TexShare Card Program is the library resource sharing program of Texas. It allows registered users of participating libraries to have access to materials their local libraries do not have. The TexShare Card acts as a statewide library card.


Learn how to use the TexShare Card Program below:


  1. Register for and receive a TexShare Card from your home library. Current students, faculty, and staff of The University of Texas at Dallas can apply using the UT Dallas TexShare Application.

  3. Search the TexShare Card Program libraries for the library you wish to visit, and specific lending policies for that library.

  5. Present your TexShare Card at the circulation desk of the library you wish to borrow from. There, they can activate your checkout privileges. You may be required to show a photo I.D.

  7. Check out items at that library’s circulation desk.

  9. Return items to the lending library when you are finished with them. This can be done either in person or by first-class mail. Remember that fees will be assessed for lost, late, or damaged materials.


Page Last Updated: October 1, 2020