Spotlight On: Sage Research Methods

Sage Research Methods


Do you ever feel underprepared or even a bit lost when the time comes to design a research project or conduct a literature review? Or perhaps it would just be nice to have a refresher about qualitative versus quantitative research methods? Our librarians regularly meet students that feel this way, but don’t fret! While your librarians are always within reach to provide guidance, the reputable SAGE Publications have also developed a one-stop shop for learning these processes and developing research skills in simple, intuitive ways.

SAGE Research Methods Online provides researchers of all levels with step-by-step instruction from the development of a strong research topic to the planning and execution of the research and analysis, as well as the reference materials, books, articles, case studies and datasets one might need along the way. Create a profile to save your searches and a reading list.

Our students and faculty will find a variety of research methods used in behavioral sciences and many of those used in science, technology and medicine. Browse by your subject area, content type, or research method. The Methods Map will help visual learners to see how methods terms are related and used, while the Foundations area is a great place to start for novice researchers.

Even more source material can be found in SAGE Research Methods Cases and SAGE Research Methods Datasets. Case studies will give you real examples of research in action and the evidence produced, while Datasets provide a large selection of clean data to help learners develop research analysis skills.

Access to all three SAGE Research Methods databases is provided by the Eugene McDermott Library. To navigate to these resources, visit the McDermott Library homepage, find the Database tab in the main search area, then click the letter S. Give it a try today!

Page Last Updated: April 13, 2021