Printing and Copying in the Library

The Eugene McDermott Library provides equipment to make black & white and color copies and prints. In addition there is equipment to make print copies and digital files from microfiche and microfilm. Scanners are also available.

Printing is not available from the Community Users Workstations. Community Users must bring their own thumb/flash/USB drives if they plan to save data.



With an Active Comet Card:
$.06/side for black and white; $.25/side for color

With Cash:
Interlibrary Loan Materials



Current UTD students, faculty, and staff must have a valid Comet Card present in order to print.
See Adding Money to Your Card below for options in adding funds to your Comet Card.
Send a print job from any computer in the Information Commons area or Library laptop, or print from your laptop by using Comet Print.


With CometCash on your Comet Card:
$.06/side for black and white; $.25/side for color


You cannot use cash for printing.



Scans are free and can be emailed or saved to usb drive.


Digital Microform Scanners

The library has two digital microform scanners near the printers/copiers that allow you to print, scan, or save to a flash drive. An instruction manual is available at the scanner workstation.

Scanning is free; printing costs $.06/side for black and white; $.25/side for color.


Adding Money to Your Card

Add money to your Comet Card at the Add Value machine near the printers/copiers. It accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. Coins may only be added to your card balance at the Comet Card Office.
To add money to your Comet Card with a credit card, go to the Comet Card Office or use the GET program online.



The library has a shredder near the printers/copiers to dispose of confidential or sensitive information.

Page Last Updated: February 19, 2020