Checkout Policies for Visitors

Policy Updated: October 2017


Visitors may borrow materials from the Library with a valid TexShare card and a current Texas driver’s license or state ID card. TexShare is a program created by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Please visit our TexShare page for more information.

TexShare Users | Friends of the Library* | Visiting Scholars**

Item Limit: 5 total

Checkout Period: 21 days

Renewals: 6

Media Items: 4 hours, in Library use only

Community User Workstations: 2 hours


Community Users

Item Limit: N/A

Checkout Period: N/A

Renewals: N/A

Media Items: N/A

Community User Workstations: 2 hours


* If you do not belong to a public Library or another University, you may check out items by completing an application for Friends of the Library Program. This program requires an annual $100 minimum tax-deductible donation. Please find more information on how to become a Friend of the Library by reading our McDermott Library Friends page.

** Visiting Scholars must apply for a Comet Card through a university sponsor.

Page Last Updated: April 8, 2020